Emergency Services

The City of Maroa emergency services is prepared 24/7 to preserve life and minimize damage, respond to hazards or disaster events by providing the necessary assistance and emergency support functions as well as establish a recovery system that will return the community to its normal state of affairs.

Macon County Emergency Telephone System Board
141 S. Main Street, Suite 810
Decatur, IL 62523

Office 217-424-1002   Fax 217-424-1006
Contact:  Jon Thomas or Jodi Becker, 217-424-1002

This System will be used in the event of an emergency within Macon County. Alerts will be sent out with potentially lifesaving messages regarding critical events such as chemical leaks, active shooter situations, etc. This information will be sent to residents who have signed up online and to any resident who uses a landline telephone.  If you only use a cell phone, you will not receive these critical notifications unless you sign up online.

Alerts for significant weather events are also among the notifications residents may sign up for. 

Cities and Villages are able to send Alerts to anyone who signs up for alerts such as, but not limited to, boil orders, road closures or construction, and winter weather closures.  The villages offering these alerts are:  Argenta, Forsyth, Harristown, Long Creek, Maroa, Mt. Zion, Oreana, and Warrensburg.

There are several ways to receive an alert:  Text, phone call, email, TTY/TTD, or using the ContactBridge app found in the App Store. 

If you are already signed up for the Macon County Emergency Alert & Notification System, please log in to verify your contact information is up to date.

If you haven’t signed up, please do so by visiting the following link:

For questions regarding the Emergency Alert & Notification System or assistance in signing up, please contact the Macon County ETSB at (217) 424-1002. If you need assistance or do not have internet access, please call (217) 794-2206 and we will be happy to help you enroll.

This is a great feature that the City offers.  You may choose how you get the alerts.  You do not need to live in Maroa to get the alerts.  When you receive an alert, it will ask you to confirm.  If you confirm, the message is not sent to your alternate contact.  If you do not confirm, the message is sent to your alternate contact.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONFIRM.  When you sign up for the service and would like each alert to go to everyone in your family, please be sure to sign each contact up separately.  This will ensure that each family member will get the alert.