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Welcome to Maroa, Illinois

See what Maroa has to offer…. Spencer Park, a distinguished School District and historic downtown.  Maroa has many beautiful and historical homes. 

Maroa was named after the Maroa Indians. The City was established in 1854. Maroa Township had its first settlers in 1839. Maroa is located between Clinton, Illinois and Forsyth, Illinois, on State Route 51. We are 174 miles southwest of Chicago, 146 miles northeast of St. Louis, Missouri, and 51 miles northeast of the State Capital and University of Illinois - Springfield, in Springfield, Illinois, 43 miles west of the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, 33 miles south of Bloomington/Normal, Illinois, home to Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan University, 8 miles north of Forsyth, Illinois and 14 miles from Decatur, Illinois.  

Maroa would be a great location for your business. The city has an established TIF District and Business District.

Maroa offers excellent services to all our citizens; there is a bi-monthly newsletter; we have a distinguished school district with the Middle and High School in Maroa. We have a low crime rate, and many housing options. Spencer Park is a great park to visit and host your next reunion or family gathering. City Hall gym is also available for rent.


Deep in the heart of the Prairie
In a spot graced by God,
Lies the beautiful town of Maroa
In the land of the goldenrod.
Her song is the laughter of children,
Her hope is her daily toil,
Her faith is the spirit of brotherhood,
Her Godsend, the good black soil.
Always and always she’ll be there
For Maroa will never die
Her jewel in the heart of the corn belt
With eyes toward God in the sky.

By Arthur Wayne Gray

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